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A look behind the iron curtain The country of the Kommie's, of Lenin and Marx, which is now ruled by 'Tsar' Putin, is still far away from many. Not only physically but also morally, the cold war has given many a shade in many eyes. Just after the curtain was opened, we went and found another Russia. The Russia of wealth in art and culture, architecture. The country knows a difference with big V.
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For the interested motorcycle traveler:

This trip is for all motorcycle travelers who are interested in history. But, not everyone will be equally interested and that's why we will not organize any excursions etc and everyone is free to travel as the good feels. Travel preparation  

You can not just go to Russia. We need a good preparation, administrative, informative and maybe even fysical because we will not cover a small distance and the roads are often asfalted as we are used to.  

Additional information:

We organize a meeting between October and April. Everyone is welcome to find out more about this trip, to look at pictures, etc. For the dates [click here] .  

For the participants who have enrolled, there is a month before departure nor a decided preliminary meeting. We then talk through the whole journey. 

Papers preparation:

  • We provide all necessary visa and visa invitations. 
  • Motorcycle insurance.

The Dutch have since 2009 very easy to insure their motorcycle to Vladivostok. How is that in Germany? So, look at your Green Card for RU and BY. There is also an insurance in the Netherlands where your motorcycle for Russia and Weiss Russia can be insured in addition.

What's Included

Items that are included in the cost of tour price

  • All accommodations
  • Parking fees at the hotels
  • Breakfast and 2 dinners
  • Visa and visa express loads for Russia
  • Visa and Visa express loads for Weiss Russia
  • Motorcycle tour guide
  • Our roadbook
  • Special Ride-on MotorTours shirt

not included in this tour

  • Additional motorcycle insurance
  • Travel and health insurance
  • Travel cancellation insurance
  • Petrol
  • Personal needs


  • Ålesund
  • Runde
  • (1) more destinations.
Along, across and around the world’s most famous fjords: This is motorcycling in Norway! Amazing...
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