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Basic level
3 days / 700 Km
Starting Price: 1.050

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Let's go to new destinations! After the extremely successful echo to our new tours in the south of Germany, it was obvious to also include the north in our portfolio. In a biosphere area, where cranes and wild geese stop on their way to and from the winter quarters, in an area where many roofs are covered with reed and where the Aufbau Ost fortunately stopped in time from asphalting and road construction, we invite you to a fantastic enduro gourmet tour. Come with us to one of the most beautiful regions of East Germany! There is probably no more suitable vehicle than our kind of motorcycles to get here on the direct way from A to B. The paved village main road suddenly changes into a sandy connecting road to the next village, in between forest tracks and country lanes - all public roads and legal to drive on. Let yourself be overwhelmed by picturesque landscapes in combination with moderately demanding enduro hiking without having to cross a national border into the destination area. Our rustic inn with its formidable cuisine will finally convince you how beautiful it is with us, just like "Muttern", where we will stay for all three nights. The tour is less aimed at the ambitious rallye aspirants - this tour is about discovering some of the most unknown but beautiful corners of Germany.
Total Distance of the Trip: 700 Km
Equipment and Clothing

Complete Enduro protective clothing. We recommend:

  • Enduro boots, pants and jackets with elbow or chest armor.
  • Knee protectors made of hard plastic.  
  • Enduro helmet, shatter-proof glasses.


Arriving, say hallo, short roadbook introductory course, introductory tour for warming up.


To get in the mood we drive through the Vallée de Roya, then we will take a trip to the coast to Ventimiglia. On ancient military routes Colle Melosa is conquered, then on good gravel roads we are heading back to St. Dalmas.


The day of 1000 bends and turns. With gigantic views, you will be on the heights along the Mercantour National Park. Then comes the festival of curves of the Col de Turini.


To wake you up, there is The Col Linaire, which offers an imposing view of the Nervia Valley. In Pigna the question arises as to whether we rest before or after a loop on the southern end of the “Ligurian”.


In addition to a ride through the Mercantour National Park, you can experience high-level Enduro fun on two optional and challenging loops, or relax at the Val Casterino.


Keep the best for last: three dozen bends up the Col de Tende and finest possible gravel on the “Ligurische Grenzkammstraße” (Ligurian border road) between France and Italy. And if you still have something to proove, then climb up the 2200 meters high Monte Saccarello. The final descent is quite an affair!


Final breakfast, and end of the.


  • Roadbook Tour: € 1.050 
  • Rental bike Yamaha WR 250 R: € 570

The routes of this tour are selected so that they can also be mastered by endurists with little experience and / or heavy machinery. We start on well-maintained gravel roads. The demand then increases slightly during the week, whereby optional loops can be fitted or harder sections can be avoided, depending on the desire and driving skills. An “endurist with little experience” is defined as someone who has completed an Enduro training course, or at least once was on the way on gravel roads. For absolute beginners this tour is not recommended. This means that you must be able to safely control your motorcycle on asphalt in all situations.


Our tours are designed in such a way that there is as much room for individual development as possible. For this reason, as with all tours, we have compiled a roadbook. With this route plan on the handlebar, you navigate to the day’s destination. Just look for your preferred partner at the beginning of the tour and go along with him through thick and thin. When and where breaks are put in or how you organize the day is up to you. Only for dinner we would gladly to have you all together. But do not worry – we’re on the road with you. And another thing: we are not on a rally! On request, we rent roadbook holders for the duration of the tour. 


On our tour there is also the possibility to travel without a roadbook and to join the tour guides. They will adjust the tempo accordingly to your driving skills. For breaks or photostops, there is always plenty of time with us, as well as for hints on how to improve your driving skills, or exercise inserts.

What's Included

Items that are included in the cost of tour price

  • 6 hotel accommodations in double rooms
  • Half-board
  • Roadbooks, tour guides, technical support, service vehicle, travel security note.
  • IF REQUESTED Motorcycle transport, single room, roadbook holder.
  • Yamaha WR 250 R


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