WayOut Interphone


On vacation with the most exclusive products in the world of motorcycling.

The intention of the Interphone WayOut project by Interphone, the Cellularline brand of a specially-designed line of communication devices and accessories for motorcyclists is to give to the fans of two wheel motoring the chance to enjoy a unique experience: an organised tour for motorcyclists giving them the option of testing out some of the products by the top brands in motorcycling, free of charge and until the last day of their vacation.

The concept of Interphone WayOut tours has the patronage of the Italian Motorcycling Federation and has successfully gained the confidence of brands such as: Yamaha, Airoh, Continental, TomTom and Macna are official partners and will be making their best-selling products available to the motorcyclists.

There is a top limit of 100 participants for each tour and you can decide whether to opt for the itinerary featuring adventurous off-road trails or choose the scenic bends on tarmac roads. In both cases, a member of Staff will guide groups of 10 travellers, providing any assistance they need at any time and offering advice on how to improve their driving style. There will also be a motorcycle and equipment rental service available for those coming from abroad.

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