TrailRando is a French motorcycle travel agency with destinations ranging from Scotland, Spain, Italy, Greece, Morocco, Argentina, Mongolia, Vietnam, Oman and France (with the 2 Diagonales), from off road tours to pure road trips.

Thanks to their unique field knowledge, practiced field teams, and elaborated GPS tracks, you will live an experience full of freedom and authenticity.

TrailRando is most of all the beautiful and personal story of Philippe Perrenoud passion for motorcycle. He already at 16, was crossing the Sahara on his 125 cc, then he has been constantly sharing his love of travel. The birth of TrailRando comes naturally in 1985. Initially, the agency specializes in off-road motorcycle exclusively. But soon epics quads, SSV, 4X4 or snowmobiling are also available. Over the years, TrailRando also opens to trails and more recently to road bikes.

During the implementation of a unique journey TrailRando never compromises on its field involvement, in order to guarantee the quality and success of a trip. Our strength is also the strong desire to be placed well away from main roads and artificial landscapes. Groups of "human scale", the constant search for authenticity, always a well-oiled organization, personalized coaching and focus on making the traveler’s own adventure worthwhile are their main characteristics.

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