Ride-on Motortours


After 5 years of travelling around the world, in 2002, Rob and Dafne de Jong started Ride-on MotorTours for those who like to join the adventures. Based in the Netherlands they go on and off the beaten track, in short and (ultra) long tours towards a variety of destinations every year.

Ride-on Motortours TRIPS

Spectacular Pistes and dry riverbeds Morocco is popular and for a reason. The climate is...
  • Reykjavik
  • Flatey bird sanctuary
  • (8) more destinations.
Along waterfalls, glaciers, geisers and fjords... Through highlands with endless views... Iceland is at it's...
  • Red Square Moscow
  • Suzdal
  • (6) more destinations.
Join in our passion for Russia. Come along and ride the Golden Circle with us,...
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