Di Traverso Adventouring is a Yamaha Technical partner, offering adventouring, bushcraft and adventure travels. Our destination are the Italian Appennino Tosco Emiliano and the Terre di Canossa, close to our base near Reggio Emilia, a region whose roads date back to the Middle Age the Ligurian and Piedmont's Alps with the famous Via del Sale and many unpaved road and tracks dating back to the beginning of the 20th century, and Elba and Sardinia islands, a true paradise for adventouring and offroad travels. Di Traverso Adventouring caters also for European destination as Spain, mainly Monegros, Bardenas Reales, and Andalusia, Albania and Greece following the steps of famous european motorallies. Balkans and Turkey are the highlight of our summer proposal, with a long tour to the borders of Europe. In autumn, when the situation should be normalised, we go back to North Africa, both in Tunisia and Marocco, to roam different deserts. In combination with travels we offer enduro tuition, to improve riding skills, and navigation classes, both with roadbook and gps navigators, thanks to our instructors, FMI certified and offroad racers in different categories.