Xerocambos (Crete), Greece

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  • Greece
  • Off-Road
Basic level
8 days / 700 Km
Starting Price: 1.105,00€

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At the heart of the Med … Here, life goes quiet. The swimsuit is at hand. Sipping lemonade in the shade of fig trees. Good times … These shady terraces in these intimate and discreet hamlets … This jubilation, this complicity that install the kilometers … Eyeful in the land of gods … Crete charming and tasty … Crete eternal remnants of the past, enchanting sea … The sun, earth, wind and water are mixed with the escape out of time … Time to breathe, look, rave, stop, revel, imbibe, sip, diving, to let live simply, and make the most of every moment.

Besides the usual bike equipment: 

  • A helmet
  • A pair of glasses mask iridium preferably
  • A spare screen
  • A pair of gloves
  • A pair of leather boots
  • Pants and jacket endurance, and all necessary protection to the practice of motorized hiking terrain

For evening:

  • Tee-shirts
  • Socks
  • Long sleeve shirt
  • Sweater or sweatshirt
  • Spare pants and shorts
  • Swimsuit,
  • Lightweight shoes
  • Towel
  • Toiletries
  • Personal medication (2-3 bandages, eye drops, immodium, ercefuryl, Nifluril …)

For navigation:

  • A small notebook and pen to note the instructions of the daily briefing
  • GPS with handlebar bracket and power cable (or batteries)



Landing in Heraklion. Accommodation at Lato or equivalent hotel.

DAY 2 – Heraklion – Sivas – 90 km

The route rises gently between olive trees. 

The first ever prance on the ridges. 

A break in Zaros at lunch time is always refreshing and thirst quenching. This mountain village is famous for its spring water. Rare plants and flowers line the area. At the taverna Vegera you will be warmly greeted by Vivi. She and her mother cook to perfection. They bend over backwards to offer you a variety of delicious Cretan dishes. 

The stretch of the afternoon is short, and can be reached quickly step. The village of Sivas is worth seeing. The streets are blooming, old stones not always adjusted and tidy, but you will find the calm and serene as we love Crete.

In the pool of the hotel Shivas, the water is 28 °. Five minutes away, deep gorges lead to a tiny beach, picturesque in the extreme. 

Note: If you fancy a little drink in a nice area, away from the village, with a terrace, with a view on the olive trees, go (tranquillos) to the taverna Elisavi at a time when the sun orange whitewashes hills and steeples. 

Elisavi is precisely the name of the hostess. Of French origin, she speaks our language flawlessly. Her husband, Kanakis is Cretan pure strain. He is a musician, and he, not a word of French pipe…

DAY 3 – Sivas – Tsoutsouros – 105 km

The track runs along a particularly rugged coastline. It zigzags on the nose of the cliff, winds through the parade to start quickly to conquer the mountain and immediately plunge the waves. Nestled in a cove, the hotel opens to the Libyan Sea. The beach is five meters. 

Family welcome. Neat rooms. Nikos, the son, is responsible for managing the institution with good humor and efficiency. Dinner over lapping.

DAY 4 – Tsoutsouros – Ierapetra – 125 km

Greenhouses, hundreds of hectares, lining the coastal strip. But soon the path gets attitude through orange, lemon and olive trees. Several times on these airstrips, we fly simultaneously the Cretan Sea and the Libyan Sea. It’s great …

DAY 5 – Ierapetra – Kato Zakros – 105 km

Startling step … From the start the track clings to the cliff to climb on the shelf. 

The landscape is lunar and savagely mineral. It progresses through a rocky chaos. Some pines, a vine square, a chapel hanging above the void, an old monastery perched on the edge along the route. 

Under the winds, a slew of modern wind fathom antediluvian and dilapidated counterparts, but still proud and charming despite rust.

The pins are linked in the descent of Xerocambos. And we discover with delight forgotten small bungalows overlooking the clear sea. We could lunch in this hamlet. The pins sting on shellfish. Stuck in a remote cove Kato Zakros appear soon. Here, open-air restaurant and accommodations encroach on the beach. This is the end of the world … The place is paradise.

DAY 6 – Kato Zakros – Agios Nikolaos – 135 km

Returning quickly to altitude, acrobatic twirls path on the walls. A wind bristling forest plateau on seven or eight kilometers. The course rushes. The blades whistling on our helmets … Zigzagging through the olive grove, a dizzying slide empties into the slope. below you can see the Gulf and Mirambelos Agios Nikolaos that can be guessed in the mist. Hotel and restaurant in the harbor. The boats sparkle on the waves. The city is lively.

DAY 7 – Agios Nikolaos – Heraklion – 135 km

Like every day, nature is celebrating! A few more passes, and smooth is switched to Heraklion. Even the best stories come to an end…


Return flight.

What's Included

  • Hotels
  • in twin rooms
  • if the group is composed of an uneven number of participants
  • one single supplement will be charged to one of the participants (or splitted amongst everybody)
  • From the evening of the first day through the morning of the last day
  • Breakfast
  • from the morning of the second day through the morning of the last day
  • GPS device with the complete track of the itinerary
  • handlebar rack
  • all necessary documents to use it properly
  • A briefing by phone
  • so that everybody gets used to our way of navigating