Turning Point Stalingrad 2020

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25 days / 7000 Km
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Join a worldtour in 25 days Visit important sites dating back to the 2nd World War in Poland, Belarussia (White Russia), Russia and the Ukraine, together with the veterans, the parades (djen pobedy at Stalingrad in Russia) 75 years after. Get a taste of Russia, the past and the present, the wealth and poverty, faded glory, restored, revaluated. Travel through a piece of European history. Extreme, surprising, exciting, cool! With a Russian speaking motorcycling guide. This tour is for all types of riders who can do the distance (app. 7000 km total from Holland/Germany). Because we do not ride with front riders and all who join are free to ride the prepared or other routes (some in Central Sweden are gravel roads). Every-one will enjoy discovering the highlights along the route his/her way. We will all be together crossing the border into Russia, but you are also free to go your own way any time, as long as it fits within the organised schedule. This tour will be programmed once every 5 years.

Bring your own



Poznan PLN


Biala Podlaska PL

Distance app. 470 km

DAY  3

Minsk BLR

Distance app. 400 km 

DAY 4 

Smolensk RUS

Distance app. 350 km


Kursk RUS

Distance app. 535 km

DAY  6

Kursk RUS

Day to visit the site where the Tank Battle of Kursk took place 


Voronezh RUS

Afstand ca. 230 km 


Volgograd (Stalingrad) RUS

Distance app. 580 km (lange Day

DAY 9 and 10

Volgograd RUS 

Djen Pobedy (on May 9th) 

Visit the War Museum and Hill 101 with the staue Mamaev Kurgan 

DAY 11

Stavropol RUS

Distance app. 560 km 

DAY 12

Vladikavkaz RUS

Distance app. 375 km 

DAY 13

Tblisi – Georgië

Distance app. 200 km 

DAY 14

Tblisi – Georgië 

DAY  15

Kutaiso – Georgië

Distance app. 292 km 

DAY 16 

Batumi – Georgië

Distance app. 140 km 

DAY  17/18/19 

Veerboot naar Odessa

Distance app. 375 km 

DAY 20 

Odessa (UA)

DAY  21

Iasi (via Moldavië naar Roemenië)

Distance app. 350 km 

DAY 22 

Sighet (ROM)

Distance app. 370 km 

DAY 23 

Györ (HU)

Distance app. 550 km 

DAY 24 

Regensburg (DE)

Distance app. 500 km

DAY 25 


What's Included

  • All accommodations including breakfast
  • All parking fees at the hotels
  • Visa and visa-invitations for Russia
  • Visa and visa-invitations for Belarussia
  • Ferry crossing Batumi – Odessa
  • 6 x dinner
  • Motorcycle guide
  • Roadbook + routes for GPS
  • Ride-on MotorTours Tour shirt