Rio Zancara, Spain

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7 days / 1450 Km
Starting Price: 1.865,00€

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If there still exists a few little pieces of paradise, almost untouched, close to our borders, this exceptional trip takes you there. The Rio Zancara circuit is a sublime loop around Madrid in the heart of the sierras and the Mancha so loved by Don Quichotte. Authentic villages full of history, small forest tracks, deep canyons, 16th century wind mills and endless tracks of red earth that look like they came directly from Africa – scenery and sensations of huge variety. You have the impression of travelling back in time and changing countries with each stage. What an experience!

In the field:

  • Helmet
  • Glasses
  • Gloves
  • Leather boots
  • Pants and motorcycle —Jacket

All necessary protection to the practice of motorized hiking in any way For evening:

  • Tee-shirts
  • Socks
  • Polo shirt
  • Sweater or sweatshirt
  • Spare pants
  • Swimsuit
  • Lightweight shoes
  • Toiletries
  • Personal medications

The miracle concentrated: travel light, opt for laundry tube!

For navigation:

  • A small notebook and pen to note the instructions of the daily briefing
  • GPS with handlebar bracket and power cable (or batteries)


DAY 1 – Arrival in Navaluenga

DAY 2 – Navaluenga – Robledo del Buey – 270 km

An enchanting stretch the back during a limpid river under a tunnel of vegetation. On both sides of the roadway in broken tar, cows parole, beautiful mountain silky dress, beige or caramel graze the aisles. Then the asphalt increasingly frayed, abdicated once. Therefore, a bouncy track flies to the top. She climbs on the Sierra de Gredos whose peaks hovering around 2600 m above sea level. Tortuous, path climbs and clings under the pines which tend their fragrant branches on our helmets. In the distance below, the lake Embalse del Burguillo stretches its tentacles between the mountainous lace. Then the scenery changes dramatically and the route goes into a long yellow savannah sneaking between large trees, some particularly stocky specimen will give baobab air. And the mountain reappears with the Sierra Sevilleja! Suddenly, the hotel is revealed at the exit of the last corner, just sitting there at the end of the track.

DAY 3 – Robledo del Buey – Cuenca – 435 km

The plot becomes embedded in the Montes de Toledo sumptuous. He borrows a small corridor tolerated on a magical path wandering in the heart of the natural park. Adventurers continues on the banks of the Rio Bullaque for a new anthology section … At the foot of the majestic Sierra Prietas stretches a vast cattle sprinkled golden space that fails flicker E. Lake Torre de Abraham. The track winds kilometers in conjunction with the stream. 

At the foot of the Sierra de los Tourneros extends an undulating plain teeming with deer. Although most of the elegant curves of enfilades time harmonize with the landscape, some nice straights shear the forest.

The first salt lagoons announce the plain and a slice of whole field easier, faster too. Escape enquille briskly through the most fertile plots. The mechanical pounding the track, right on the footsteps of Don Quixote! Shipping slumming through the vineyards from Quero. The villagers here have dug their caves in the sides of the hill .. 

The chapel of San Isidro and its adjoining mill mark a change. The rectilinear portions fade. The relief gets altitude. And immediately it pulsates on the shores of Zancara! The track twirls with the river in a frantic partition, with Cuenca in sight …

DAY 4 – Cuenca – Zaorejas – 210 km

The slope ends with a receding plateau with an aerial view of jagged gorges … Overlooking these very distinct breaches, the tour flies over the vastness, caress the infinite landscapes, dancing bare summits. 

The descent is rather steep; also is it not engage with caution in this sumptuous slide, but happiness is looming in the valley … 

In the forest, a bridge spans the Rio Escabas. The water is clear. And in this corner lost an invigorating swim is a necessity in the summer. Fuertescusa a quiet village that houses within its walls an unlikely restaurant. Here the welcome is warm, the food is simple, but simmered to perfection … And that’s just lunch time!

Above Santa Maria del Val, near the old barn, beyond the stream that tumbles down the rocky pan, scrubland fragrant honeysuckle and a hodge podge of thousand other scents. On the trail of pine cones that crispy under the wheels, breathtaking views, bare plateaus, narrow defiles, peaks are connected without respite. The colors of the country constantly renew their enchantment. Virolos ricochet on the banks of the Rio Tajo. A cascade pours gracefully in an unexpected natural reservoir. The location is sublime, heavenly! Although the step to a close, a stop is necessary because the sources of pleasure seethe in these parts …

DAY 5 – Zaorejas – Sepulveda – 310 km

The journey bounces on the folds of the rocky walls, exposed to more torn hills and continues its explorations by burrowing sometimes breaks the escarpment. A long, fast track, a rebellious strand resolutely the run in the maze of relief and abuts, ending his run in Berlanga de Duero, on the solid walls of the castle of the fifteenth century.

A small square surrounded by arches and walkways, houses some very engaging restaurants. fried calamari rings, parsley mussels, shrimp impaled in artichoke hearts, ham shavings Serrano finely wound on the chef’s surprise, mini peppers stuffed with a group of divers other delicacies, assorted dishes pretty darn tasty is beautifully presented . Fourteen hours ringing while the taste buds go crazy before the tapas buffet. But already pawing at each call of the track, and you’re off again in the general jubilation to new discoveries. On some short portions, giant grasses that recall ripe wheat ping machines and stifle the way …

Here nature is wilder, more austere, From above, the view is breathtaking! A few meters back from directly above the canyon burned shades of carmine and amaranth, just above broods of vultures embedded in the crevices of the cliff, perched our path took it towards Liceras, slaloming between scattered shrubs. In this barren bush, some pebbles exploded litter the ground; some translucent, have the color of the plumage of the flamingo. 

Then the waves odyssey at the mercy of desert stretches before switching to a slew of former pigeon to Estebanvela. These elegant cylindrical buildings line the valley. Here and there the oaks bouquets rooted in a purplish crimson red earth contrasts spoken of rare splendor.

By late afternoon the expedition rushes into one last little narrow pass that flares on Sepulveda, a magnificent medieval town whose fortified houses of our evenings.

DAY 6  – Sepulveda – Navaluenga – 225 km

Every morning rises a bright new day and the lesser traveled acre is eaten greedily! 

Swallow greedily the show and find yourself enchanted like you’ve never been crisscrossing a customized paradise for fans of fitted fly high. This last step does not derogate from the outset established rule on this exceptional convolution; the proportion of all-terrain frieze overdose! Tracks galore surf boldly in unexpected spaces, bouncing in desert-like expanses. A real festival! Every nook environment shines by its extraordinary calm! Rare paesinis planted in this very mineral decoration light up the sun glare. It emanates from these misguided places a very western atmosphere.

At Turegano, the trail runs along a new medieval relic dating from the sixteenth century; it is an absolutely remarkable castle. To the south loom the foothills of the blue chain of the Sierra de Guadarrama, which stretches over 80 km and culminates at 2428 meters with the Pico Peñalara. 

Our trajectory prances over a very long ridge altitude where the air is crisp and refreshing. Further down a ramp switches to a fringe 

green pinewood that stretches of dry limestone. A breakthrough rushes.

In a grand finale, the most varied spots succeed we offer here a squirming slipping into a granitic arena. Colossal boulders and disorderly bristle above the village of San Bartolomé de Pinares. In this mineral chaos, horses graze any patch of grass. 

And one last land partly hurtling in insured zigzags landed us by surprise in the center of Navaluenga! 

At the end of this senseless rambling, we find happiness with a smile Christina and Candido. These exceptional friends manage with discretion, tact and talent the El Hotelito planted in a place releasing such serenity that time seems to have stopped …

What's Included

  • Hotels
  • in twin rooms. From the evening of the first day through the morning of the last day
  • Breakfast
  • dinners from the morning of the first day through the morning of the last day
  • The complete track of the itinerary
  • Guides
  • Logistics attendant for luggage transport