Rekkam Rouge, Morocco

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  • Spain
  • Morocco
  • Off-Road
Advanced level
11 days / 2500 Km
Starting Price: 2.115,00€

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The course is sinking under the old cedar trees of the Middle Atlas, travels the altitude plateau riddled with volcanic lakes, familiar terms, on steep slopes, the snowy peaks of the High Atlas, navigates the heart of the desert expanses and sand-covered South . He crossed the Anti-Atlas and soon roams the plains of steppes, before slipping into the cool unexpected palm groves. Morocco, in all its splendor!

In the field:

  • Helmet
  • Glasses
  • Gloves
  • Leather boots
  • Pants and motorcycle —Jacket
  • All necessary protection to the practice of motorized hiking in any way


Day 1 – Almeria (Spain)

The ferry docked in Melilla, a Spanish enclave on the African coast.

Day 2 – step 1: Melilla – Guercif – 170 km

Emerging from the morning mist, the Moroccan coast suddenly appear … The ferry docked in Melilla, a Spanish enclave on the African coast. Small playful and flowery roads soar in the relief and soon overlook the dam Mohamed V. The track takes over resolutely before spinning over the city of Guercif. A sumptuous layout crams of fresh air. Over the virolos, the dazzling panoramas succeed one another without respite.

Day 3 – Step 2: Guercif – Midelt – 400 km

In the first phase the route the route Rekkam bounces off the tray. Borrowing some sections of the legendary Paris-Dakar on straight tracks, shipment arrives soon to Missour. The topography and landscape changes dramatically: rocky outcrops, deep gorges succeed, huge blocks detached from the cliff littering villages and crops. An almost invisible tiny track undulates over a colorful steppe. A final section anthology closing day by rushing into a narrow canyon with amaranth reflections. This sumptuous stage mark the spirits. This is one of the most unlikely places in Morocco.

Day 4 – Step 3: Midelt – Erfoud – 300 km

After Rich, at the exit of Ziz gorges, the tarmac stops short in front of the post office Amellago.  In splash of the wadi, the walls are tightening rapidly. The track planes elbows in a narrow defile.

Suddenly the mountain opens to the desert, letting us glimpse the distant lush palm Goulmima. At the heart of the old medina, between gardens tidy and kneaded gently, we land in a guest house unexpectedly. In this haven of freshness and relaxing welcome, Youssef welcomes us time for a divine lunch. The place is remarkable. After coffee, humble and always smiling, he could if the timing allows it to invite us to follow suit in the surrounding maze to discover Ksours, fortified villages in earthen architecture.

Our exploration spans a plurality of channels continuously irrigating this implausible maze. Borrowing dirt streets which many are covered, we sink to the depths of a city that looks after the dawn of time … 

Tafilalet here we come! Ricocheting off the Rheris our route wriggles on extended silted with Erfoud in sight. A succession of palm agglutinate on the thread of the river. On the ride incredible surprises teammates: a pyramid “celestial staircase”, a giant ammonite over 60 m “Golden spiral”, a spiral staircase of white marble tumbling down into the bowels of the earth to the underground river. These famous monuments remain the highlight of the day! We arrive at the Kasbah Said Brahim home (friend of TrailRando for ages!).

Day 5 – step 4: Erfoud – N’kob – 320 km

Waooouh! Wake up in the transparency of the air, the orange dunes of Erg Chebbi massive gush of black pebbles tray. It’s gorgeous! 

Then our shipping agrees on a fast track. Here, between two clumps of acacia, it is not uncommon to flush a fennec or other jerboa. On a basalt language breaking on the lake Maïder immense and dried Hassan pitched his small inn.  Under a breath of Simoun or Sirocco, this cracked expanse stretching to the horizon.  Lunch is tasty as usual.

In the desert and in total off-track easy portion ricochets off a sea of ​​sand and leads us to Umm Jrane. The journey continues to Tarbalt village violet dunes and Tazzarine. Kob is joined in the late afternoon. Nestled in the heart of the medina, a typical hotel awaits.

Day 6 – Step 5: N’kob – Skoura – 170 km

Right out of Kob, our course is débine in a small canyon lost, planted with apricot and almond trees. Then, among other volcanic peaks and lava flows, a tiny twisted track soars in the heart of Jebel Sarhro, streaking arid territory with broken basalt rocks (Anti-Atlas). The Dades feeds an absolutely sublime oasis rosary. Here we are in the Valley of Roses, the end of the day’s stage. In this absolutely idyllic place, we have researched an amazing accommodation: an old and beautiful kasbah stashed in the fragrant grove.

Day 7 – Step 6: Skoura – Bin El Ouidane – 360 km

Assermo Latched entering a parade embedded in red earth, and deeply cutting into the fence of the High Atlas, a true saber cut in the wall. 

On a flight of storks, our expedition rushes. Prancing on the ridges the trail turns into a broken tar and soon rocking in Toufrine Valley and its ancient walnut point of convergence of two powerful wadis.

Day 8 – Step 7: Bin El Ouidane – Fez – 460 km

Springing from the mountains, the sources dripping into the valley in a string of clear streams.  The route pierces the cedars on a carpet of needles for frolicking on the short grass lush highlands riddled with volcanic lakes as Aguelmane Azigza the Dayet Ifrah and many others. Here are watered sheep, goats, cattle and horses. 

A river of transparent water meanders on the pasture. Between the meanders and in the banks, crayfish abound. 

Here the altitude varies between 2000 and 2400 meters and the air is crisp. In the deep forests crowning the grassy, it is not rare to surprise macaques. These long-haired monkeys have taken up residence in this region of Morocco to the often harsh climate.

North of the surprising town of Ifrane, our caravan ruiniform ventures between the peaks of the Valley of the Rocks.  Tumbling the range Kandar under oaks, is switched suddenly in the warmth of the toilet Fes between the olive and the rows of prickly pears.

Day 9 – Step 8: Fes – Chefchaouen – 250 km

Soft start in an almost unreal light. The turns are linked on hills carpeted with wheat, and dotted with fig and olive trees.  The dam of Al Wahda recovers any runoff Beni Zeroual. Beyond turquoise waters, one enters an unexplored area. 

The course gets the altitude soon fly over breathtaking scenery. In the red earth, the way aerobatics of a ridge to another.  The traveler who ventures into this region of the Rif feels like living a surreal epic. 

He is struck by an incredible magic. In spring, poppies, wild geraniums, and a thousand other bizarre flowers line the aisles. Suddenly, at a bend, Chefchaouen, blue with secret alleys, appears surprising, fresh, glowing like a jewel in a green setting. 

Perched on a terrace above the lights of the square, colorful shops and hubbub, everyone benefits from now. The menu is a delight. The restaurant is an architectural wonder. Humble and rider Osama knows how to …

Day 10 – Step 9: Chefchaouen – Tangier – 135 km

The stretch of the day to enter in the country Jebela Even if the trip comes to an end until the last centimeter track the beautiful images always follow relentlessly. Only local know  These portions hardly marked, non-existent on the card. Their express here our gratitude for their help during the preparation of the final kilometers of the route. 

Oceanfront and at the gates of the walled city expect breakfast with his catch of the day and an amazing caramel cream fence home meals. The moment is magical, relaxing is to go after all these wonders traveled through the steps. On the pediment fortified watchtowers scan the ocean. Strolling through the maze of the historic medina is a pleasure of every moment.

Day 11 / Return to France

It’s the end of the adventure. With a sling load of magical and colorful memories in his head, in his eyes, one nagging concern each teammate: off again when we? The water on the course bottled water provided.

What's Included

  • Hotels
  • in twin rooms from the evening of the first stage through the morning of the last stage
  • Breakfast
  • and dinners from the evening of the first stage through the morning of the last stage
  • The complete track of the itinerary
  • Matresses and tents for the bivouacs
  • Guide on motorcycle
  • Logistics attendant for luggage transport