Rally School on Tour Tunisia 5 Giorni Fly&Ride Tènèrè700 Coach Alessandro Botturi

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  • Tunisia
  • Off-Road
Basic level
5 days / 1300 Km
Starting Price: 1.950,00€

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On the trail of the African Rally Rally School on Tour in Tunisia On-Off road with a special guide: the Rally Raid champion Alessandro Botturi. An opportunity to visit wonderful places, experience the desert to the end and refine your driving technique with a great champion at our complete disposal. Alessandro Botturi, winner of the Africa Eco Race, will reveal the secrets of off-road driving on hard tracks and on sand using the Yamaha Tènèrè700 and navigation with the Gps and Road Book.   During the Raid there will be plenty of fun and entertainment. Sand tracks, off-piste skiing, dunes and hot water lakes. An itinerant route in fascinating and typical places, Douz, Ksar Ghilane Tembaine Alternate overnight stays in hotels, tented camps and bivouacs in the desert to experience the adventure.   Participation with rented bike Tènèrè700 Participation with own motorbike on request according to availability.

Technical clothing for Off-road

Normal clothing:

  • Long and short pants
  • T-shirt
  • A heavy pile or sweatshirt
  • A pair of comfortable shoes 
  • A pair of plastic slippers or sandals  
  • Swimsuit
  • Linen
  • Rainproof suit
  • Marsupio


Day 1

Arrival flight


Day 2



Day 3

Rally School

Douz Douz


Day 4  

Rally School   

Douz Tembaine


Day 5

Rally School

Tembaine Smela



Day 6

Smela Douz


Day 7 Venerdi

Return flight


What's Included

  • Rented motorcycle
  • Half board treatment in Hotel/tented camp in double room
  • Lunches
  • Technical assistance
  • Support Van
  • Gasoline

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