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  • Vietnam
  • Thailand
  • Off-Road
Intermediate level
10 days / 1300 Km
Starting Price: 2.490,00€

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The pervasive feeling of penetrating beyond the boundaries of the real world fleet constantly on the Laotian convolutions. So much so that the kilometers a well imaged anthology of anecdotes from the dense jungle and tambourine shakes in the minds light years of arsouilleries society. To slide on the track elephants onto the lake where elephants bathe remains unforgettable.

In the field:

  • Helmet
  • Glasses
  • Gloves
  • Leather boots
  • Pants and motorcycle —Jacket
  • All necessary protection to the practice of motorized hiking in any way


DAY 1 – Landing in Vientiane

Anchored on the Mekong River, the hotel is to soak the outset of this unique atmosphere on the banks of the mythical river. And even more when a relative coolness settles from the final bow of the sun.

DAY 2 – Step 1 – Vientiane – Paklai – 215 km

With Thailand on the opposite bank, the route runs along the Mekong River for about 80 km before reaching Sanakham, small village planted on its shore for a nice break. The Popée takes a moment of elevation. The turns are linked in rugged terrain. 

The stage is set. All-out, tumble fairy pictures. A beautiful paved road winds relentlessly resolutely down towards Paklai. 

A very rudimentary local tray allows span the Mekong still magical. 

Dinner nearby, where the cuisine is to go

DAY 3 – Step 2: Paklai – Sayabouri – 180 km

After a good Lao coffee, snorts equipped to a raid in full primary forest. Here, the last traces of bitumen have long abdicated. In a thick jungle, the expedition progresses Nam Pouy heart of the national park. This is a truly unforgettable immersion!

DAY 4 – Step 3: Sayabouri – Luang Prabang – 105 km

The route ricochets on the Thai border, grabs the peaks, dessert carefree mountain villages clinging to the steep slopes. Suddenly the path forks by surprise to borrow a tiny trail that takes off peaks lost to land in secret on the other bank of the Mekong. 

There, in the middle of nowhere, soon the vestiges of Luang Prabang … This former royal capital welcomes us with its thousand temples for a stopover out of time! Ranked “Unesco World Heritage” site was renovated under the supervision of Versailles. 

Prestigious Colonial houses, breads fronts and parts of petanque in the evening we remind the French presence.

DAY 5 – Step 4: Luang Prabang – Ban Don Khan – 120 km

After a hearty breakfast (like every morning) and a last glance at the temples, our amazing trip soars boldly in a rugged relief again. Whole range of greens and ochres lining the landscape. Somewhat more prominent mountains pierce the sky. Some roofs make up the extraordinary village of Ban Don Khan supported on the banks of the Nam Khan River, a haven of peace.

DAY 6 – Step 5: Ban Don Khan – Phongsavanh – 110 km

No one there to cut this small traditional soup before looping his helmet! As soon as the beverage and swallowed the river stride, leading the company into new discoveries, the route illico eclipse another mountain chain before plunging resolutely towards the mythical Plain of Jars. Through its mysterious side, the site in question prevails to identify with Easter Island!

DAY 7 – Step 6: Phongsavanh – Paksan – 270 km

The first sunlight lick the plain when the shipment snorts. Navigational instruments locked on the famous and legendary Ho Chi Minh trail, adventurers spin due east. Ricocheting off the relief, single cylinder soon pound the Vietnamese border. Here, the emotion is palpable. 

The path twists over an ascent that is slowing the passage passes over 2000 meters. 

By initiating their descent, still intoxicated by the last anthology section traveled, our wanderings burrow under a thick jungle, surfing the puddles, make up with Fords. Meandering in the rain forest, the path leads to the sparkling meadows in Muang Huang approach. 

With the light declines, Paksan soon looms …

Overnight on the Mekong River.

DAY 8 – Step 7: Paksan – Longsane – 150 km

The village market comes alive in a joyful messy clutter. Coffee and donuts are quickly swallowed up because the call trees and the trail remains the strongest. The explorations of the day wandering incognito under the foliage of a new well dense vegetation tunnel piercing jungle, primary forest and bamboo undergrowth that seems out of a fairy tale. Here and there, unexpected benches fesch fesch wash up on the way. Nothing manages to surpass the truly spectacular dimension of the landscape! Suddenly, the course comes up against the murky waters of a river, wider, deeper, more uncertain … Released canopy, an improbable tray in this forgotten country, embarks drivers and machines. The saga goes astray in the Hmong Country.

DAY 9 – Step 8: Longsane – Vientiane – 150 km

The National Park Phou Khao Kway is from a choice section with its lakes and fragrant pine woods … The game is more technical. Some streams dripping into the water. The quivers path and bounces off the rock benches are stuck with a long steep path shiny, skids in cant, made with some trees uprooted, waltz in a much more airy forest than usual, so that between two slaloms under the trees the panorama suggests.

As a finale, the ride takes the form of a real track stars, an enchanted ballet. The strong men composing the TrailRando team will give heart to joy. These are seasoned men forged by the previous steps and now well-oiled to maneuver soar on it and twirling ribbon clinging in these rollercoaster. Some confess singing in their helmets. Vientiane spreads out below the cliff … It is midday when the engines stop to the end of the raid. 

After this unforgettable immersion, it is time to relax. At sunset adventure companions enjoying the last moments of clarity on the Mekong.

DAY 10 – Vientiane

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What's Included

  • Hotels
  • in twin rooms from the evening of the first day through the morning of the last day
  • Breakfast
  • lunches and dinners From the evening of the first day through the morning of the last day
  • The complete track of the itinerary
  • Guide
  • on motorcycle
  • Logistics attendant for luggage transport
  • Fuel for the motorcycle