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Basic level
2 days / 0 Km
Starting Price: 60,00€

general information

“Practice makes perfect”: We offer our enduro training courses for all performance levels. Driving, testing, driving and practicing driving situations, this is best done with experienced instructors, and on loose ground with an Enduro! In doing so, prejudices – “I never learn it” – and also anxieties and fears – “Then I fall over definitely” – are removed to in no time at all. The secret is simply to give yourself time and to learn from your own mistakes, which everyone does. In our training course, we start with warm-up and balancing exercises and increase according to the level of the group. It does not matter whether you already have Enduro experience or have your first meters off the asphalt. The same applies to your whees: Whether you are looking for a fun-filled super-lightweight enduro or a big adventure bike, you will find the appropriate exercise group. During the training course, we will have enough time to recognize your personal strengths and weaknesses, and to vary the exercise program accordingly. At the beginning of the course, you will be divided according to the self-assessment of a group, which usually consists of a maximum of ten participants. If you feel subdued or overstrained during the course of the training, there is of course the possibility to switch to another group.

Complete Enduro protective clothing. We recommend:

  • Enduro boots, pants and jackets with elbow or chest armor 
  • Knee protectors made of hard plastic
  • Enduro helmet, shatter-proof glasses



  • Free driving on the Warching Moto Cross route in a 20-minutes shifts. Divided into three groups.
  • Group 1 Beginner, two-cylinder and other road enduros
  • Group 2 Advanced bikers with off-road experience
  • Group 3 Experts and sporting motorcyclists


  • Saturday, 10 to 13 and 14 to 17 o’clock
  • Sonntag, 10 to 13 and 14 to 16 o’clock

What's Included

  • Special cross-country track
  • Campground
  • Shower and washing facilities
  • toilets
  • Service vehicles
  • Track marshals
  • Supervisory staff
  • Ambulance on site
  • Technical support