Destination Meteora, Greece

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  • Italy
  • France
  • Greece
  • Off-Road
Basic level
7 days / 2400 Km
Starting Price: 1.250,00€

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Reserved for explorers, the gesticulating odyssey in enchanting maze, play with space travelers … Friends, do you know the taste of a fugue riding a trail, this wind of freedom that it provides? On this journey, the jubilation is such that at the end of each stage covered, driver and passenger can already pining to that of the next day … You want to flush out the way places, to finding the corners and poetic unimaginable? Get set for a new adventure of riding a avid trail of unusual explorations! Let yourself go. Escape to … Race to Greece!

In the field:

  • Helmet
  • Glasses
  • Gloves
  • Leather boots
  • Pants and motorcycle —Jacket

All necessary protection to the practice of motorized hiking in any way For evening:

  • Tee-shirts
  • Socks
  • Polo shirt
  • Sweater or sweatshirt
  • Spare pants
  • Swimsuit
  • Lightweight shoes
  • Toiletries
  • Personal medications

The miracle concentrated: travel light, opt for laundry tube!

For navigation:

  • A small notebook and pen to note the instructions of the daily briefing
  • GPS with handlebar bracket and power cable (or batteries)


DAY 1 – Castellet – Ortovero (Italy, Liguria) – 370 km

The start is at the legendary circuit of Le Castellet. On small sarmentous and selected roads is a Provence to the weeds that we discover. The cicadas accompanies the teams during the first phase of the expedition. We are immersed in a wild array than the insider traveler expects to find when he arrives in this region sip of sunshine. Callas and Keyboards animate this Provence lost. These hamlets with old stones flowery We Crave. On the set of Caussol desert air is crisp. A tenacious and determined fog licks the bare heights, giving the landscape an unreal side. This leg step already takes us beyond the borders of France.

DAY 2 – Ortovero – Fontebussi (Tuscany) – 450 km

Viaduct tunnel viaduct tunnel. Tunnel, viaduct … At each highway opening overlooking a sparkling sea splashes in the morning sun. This inevitable stretch of highway, allowing us to project ourselves at the foot of the Tuscan hills, is swallowed quickly. Suddenly we find ourselves in Pisa. Strolling through the vineyards, our escape continues through Tuscany. Turns are tighter in this tangled terrain that makes up one of the most beautiful regions in the world. Soon, first paths quite frequentable appear. Sometimes, the route débine as a refreshing canopy with intoxicating scents of chestnuts and conifers. In a final bow before disappearing, the sun explodes in the landscape, brushing bright orange whole plant tapestry, olive, cypress, cedar, pines and a thousand other species, sparing the old stones of ancient dwellings styling each eyrie. Accommodation, also perched above the vineyards, is a divine surprise.

DAY 3 – Fontebussi – Ancona – 254 km

There are still some coils virolos to unfold. To embark on time, you have to slalom unabated. Alongside the mountains more than 1,700 meters, small convoluted roads snooping around. Sometimes curious, they leave to the discovery of a medieval village, sometimes daring, they soar to the heights by ricocheting off the stubble. At the corner of a last pass, the Adriatic suddenly appears. The course tumbles into turquoise waters and the port of Ancona. Boarding is scheduled for early afternoon; drivers and horses rush into the bowels of the ship. The cabins are spacious. Cruise looks nice. Explorers take time to breathe. In the cozy restaurant, dinner is continued in a relaxed atmosphere …

DAY 4 – disembarkation in Patras – 15 km

Smooth ferry slips like an automaton between the Greek islands, 3 degrees to starboard to port 4 … .The operation is well-oiled, well adjusted bar shots. He always leading 24 knots, the bow pointing resolutely Patras, while the dawn is spread over the ripples salmon. Docking. After 24 hours a restful and idyllic crossing, the boat pours a colorful crowd in a controlled mess. In the rush and the roar of trucks on the bridge we disembark with other adventurers life chewable and freedom wheeled reach. Right out of the port, a dusty road and wrinkled tears us away from the hubbub. A rugged coastline announces the mountains of the Peloponnese … A short liaison of fifteen kilometers rallied the hotel. Facing west, the pool blends into the blue waves of the Adriatic … On the beach, pine braced sea to soak a few branches. This is the setting for our first evening on Greek soil.

DAY 5 – Patras – Loutraki – 311 km

From the first laps, wooded hills herb flavors fleecy to the horizon. You smell odors and clean air. We enjoyed our freedom. Eager for new discoveries, our horses dance in the eye-catching beauty of the Peloponnese. From time to time, asphalt snake turns into a path quite a creep who tosses us under intoxicating scents of fig and eucalyptus mixed. After Pinios Lake, a small, well fast track wanders through the red earth through the ancient oaks, transposing we illico on laterite Equatorial Africa! Along the river, zigzagging up a tiny road Klitoria debunks the shadow of remarkable trees, maples and plane trees mostly. After the cascade, the trail climbs decisively by sneaking in a wide variety of softwood: douglas fir, spruce … At the pass, leafy reappear. And found in the valley, dancing in the breeze, the olive trees a thousand silver highlights. Nestled on the thread of the river, the reeds swaying in all directions in a melodious rustle. With one bound our wanderings of the day cross the Corinth Canal to run aground on the sands of Loutraki.

DAY 6 – Loutraki – Aliki – 135 km

Waooouh is so beautiful that do not advance! The point of view, setting, are ever more dazzling. So we stop all the time to contemplate the wonders that are linked. Everywhere the grapes are already ripe, juicy, sweet, bathed in sunlight. of hibiscus garlands cascade of each dwelling. The laurels, roses, red, white, are in full bloom. What stage! Snaking under the pines, slopes are nice, sweet, creamy, easy, obvious … That we take now, in the sky, overlooking an amazing turquoise bay. It really is such a thing? The sun hits. Cunning, our path disappears regularly in the cool woods. Apart from a few raptors circling on our helmets is desert. Trombines dazzled, progress in an unreal environment, a kind of earthly paradise … The coastal lace anime fabulous panoramas. In a constant yo-yo, the course ran down the ridges to plunge immediately into a new cove … iodine Gorgé, then gaining momentum and catapult illico on the lookout to face.La road switches to a heavenly creek and grounded on the beach … Completely away, leaning on the shore of this forgotten bay, our hotel scans the horizon … in an authentic fisherman’s restaurant, dinner walks on the waves. Setting and atmosphere are unreal. The road switches to a heavenly creek and ran aground on the beach … Completely away, leaning on the shore of this forgotten bay, our hotel scans the horizon … In an authentic fisherman’s restaurant, the dinner ahead the waves. Setting and atmosphere are unreal. The road switches to a heavenly creek and ran aground on the beach … Completely away, leaning on the shore of this forgotten bay, our hotel scans the horizon … In an authentic fisherman’s restaurant, the dinner ahead the waves. Setting and atmosphere are unreal.

DAY 7 – Aliki – Thermios – 255 km

The itinerary arrives at the “navel of the world”: Delphi. On the horizon, the city fathom a relief lined with well aligned trees. Between two rocky ridges slide spade back to the warm and blue waters. A handful of houses and a fishing hut transformed into a unique tavern, huddle on the shore. So we can stop everywhere – and we do not deny – for a refreshing drink or a meal cru.La water transparency subjugates us every time our wheels graze the coast. Waiting for the next fishing, three boats with fresh colors, freshly whitewashed, becoming wavy on the beach. Mezzanine above the lapping with a Greek salad served as an accompaniment, we are facing a “calamari” fried. Kati Albanian beautiful Itea,

DAY 8 – Thermios – Meteora – 250 km

Cape Meteora! The route takes off quickly to lead us into a true aerial ballet to attack almost inaccessible mountains The toggle shipping in a parallel valley, vaulting over a new lake, propels itself to attack the next pass … from time to time, a saber cut in the rock barrier allows us to sneak us into narrow gorges. The typical restaurant, poised above the streets of this delightful village weathered by centuries, is, like every day a new heart stroke. Evi, who serves us small terrace deliciously simmered dishes, is also a slice of happiness … Between two shots fork the bare mountains that stand before us over 2500 meters seem so close in the transparency of the air … Our track scribbles a few arabesques on the pasture opposite. A bridge patched quivers on the river. Five kilometers hour, our wheels are knocking the planks and boards are agitated like the keys on a piano … The frenetic last summer specials pass Neráïda and in surrounding villages, even the most remote. A hawker lugs around his merchandise driving a pickup, puffing and smoking. Planted above the windshield a tinny loudspeaker resonates in the mountain and announces the arrival of the merchant. And the dance continues … adorable, endearing, playful, spontaneous, generous, helpful Greek people is a disarming ease. It’s roughly the property and it’s reassuring about human nature.

DAY 9 – Meteora – Kapesovo – 150 km

You’ve seen the giant hippopotamus molars? But giant, giant, eh, kind 200 meters high … Perched above the green valley, built in the eleventh century by monks probably a tad wacky, insolent play monasteries tightrope on these gigantic rocks with soft lines. Leave these enchanting places without saluting these amazing religious buildings would be unthinkable. The charming Natalia (Lihios hotel) has concocted a picnic each for breakfast, because today in the maze to navigate, no salvation catering side … Our trail zigzags up pitons. In lack of splashing, our bikes descend towards the clear river. Further, a bucolic shortcut borrow a dirt road to reach the Zagoria region, torn by deep gorges. In this wildly mineral universe, reckless and careless stone houses cling also on steep walls, sometimes sheltering under rocky caps. Virolos are linked. The air was suddenly charged with moisture. The wind carries the freshness of another lake nearby, sparkling … A sprawling lake stretches in the tortured relief … The darkness settles. Up there on the mountain, some light sparkle, guiding us toward Kapesovo, the village of Alice in Wonderland … Hey folks, there how long you did not immersed in a fairy tale? Here we are! … In heaven … Villages in the sky … Unbelievable. Our loyal mounts have winched us to the summit of one of these unconscious eagle nests. In impeccable French, with selected words and an accent that sings, Elli in hostess, receives us with a radiant smile and a disarming kindness. In the kitchen, with the same smile, his sister Joana juggles the delights of the table … If you want to change the anodyne, you misplace side Kapesovo. It is a magical village, magical. It’s so incredible that one hesitates to tell you about the miraculous to shop drawers and bottomless well: if, if, even inside the shop of two radiating frangines. Breathtaking ; Greek: Aposto MOMENOS. It’s so incredible that one hesitates to tell you about the miraculous to shop drawers and bottomless well: if, if, even inside the shop of two radiating frangines. Breathtaking ; Greek: Aposto MOMENOS. It’s so incredible that one hesitates to tell you about the miraculous to shop drawers and bottomless well: if, if, even inside the shop of two radiating frangines. Breathtaking ; Greek: Aposto MOMENOS.

DAY 10 – Kapesovo – Syvota – 205 km

mixed seasonal fruit. Elderberry Jam grove next door. Marmalade warm citrus. Fig compote from the garden. Some sweet bunches of family vineyard … Viennese house, and attention at all times. Above the roofs slate, under the first rays, our breakfast on the terrace is simply gargantuan and delectable. Not a sound, not a rustle emanates from the hamlet. We would like to freeze the moment. We still gladly pose for hours in this fairy tale … But zebra inextricable throats connected by bold climbing, each more daring, the region invites us to new explorations … We Renfile our helmets. Some villages still cling here and there on vertiginous plumbs above narrow defiles. Between the peaks to nearly 3000 meters, a small road now playful tickles high jagged rock bar which materializes the Albanian border. A plot nickel coating waddles never agree fifty meters respite. Suddenly the sea are back at our feet.

DAY 11 – Syvota – Igoumenitsa – 20 km

Boarding at 9:00. Above the engine room, béquillées in the humidity of the garage, our beautiful and faithful travel companions are languishing, waiting for the promised Venice Lagoon … 

We are still in Greek territorial waters, quietly installed, feet on the rail Igoumenitsa ferry – Venice. The sea of oil. A tantalizing buffet is announced in September conditioned restaurant deck. One hesitates … On the walkway, the sun is gentle. With a good book, the warmth of the air is so nice between two boats … We could settle for a slice of watermelon …

DAY 12 – Venice

The pleasant surprises continue … The arrival in Venice offers a grand final and subjugates the maritime traveler! In order not to flood the rooms of the Venetians a sly wave wake, our ship glides on the waves slowed to approach this famous and fascinating city built on the lagoon. From potronminet, to not miss the show, we perched at the chimneys … There, the ninth deck overlooks the passenger flabbergasted and embraces all cited! The morning sun flirts with a light mist. The dapper spark ship. Vaporetto and other light craft gush of yellowish veil. The Greek company like accuracy. The landing was scheduled for 8:00. We docked at 7:40 am under the gaze of onlookers and other pickpocket. The hull rests gently on the platform. The moorings stretch.

What's Included

  • Hotels
  • in twin rooms. If the group is composed of an uneven number of participants
  • one single supplement will be charged to one of the participants (or splitted amongst everybody). From the evening of the first day through the morning of the last day
  • Breakfast
  • from the morning of the second day through the morning of the last day
  • GPS device with the complete track of the itinerary
  • handlebar rack and all necessary documents to use it properly
  • A briefing by phone
  • so that everybody gets used to our way of navigating