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14 days / 2000 Km
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Motofiesta and Destination Yamaha invite you to an unforgettable trip to Colombia, where you can test Yamaha motorcycles and explore the captivating areas of this undiscovered, exotic and fascinating country. A country famous for its coffee plantations, which are filled with admiration by people all over the world. A country where a tourist is not treated like a client, but like a guest. You’ve probably never met such friendly and open people as Colombians. And finally a country where the views of mountain landscapes alone provide exceptional impressions, which are even more enhanced by exploring that region on a motorcycle.

Sample baggage: 

  • Helmet
  • Light jacket
  • Motorcycle pants and gloves
  • Rain coveralls
  • Ankle boots in which in addition to protection on the motorcycle you will be able to walk as comfortable, long-sleeved shirt and balaclava or chimney to Protect the face from the sun. 

From personal items: 

  • Underwear
  • 3x t-shirt
  • 2x short pants
  • 1x long pants (except motorcycle ones)
  • 1x tourist jacket
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Flip flops
  • Mini vanity bag
  • Tourist towel 

Remember about the cream with the filter and it is advisable to protect the head from the sun. The basic first aid kit is also useful.


One of the reasons why we are drawn to Colombia is the fact that it is significantly different from the Old Continent we know. These differences relate, inter alia, to culture, nature, food, a different climate or customs. In comparison with a very ordered Europe, there are many things that can be governed by their own laws, which we sometimes have no influence on. For example, the road we planned to drive can be impassable due to slippage. In a village on the route, a local dance festival can take place, which will delay us by a few hours. The owner of the restaurant, where we will be having lunch, will invite us home to show us around our estates and tell us about the area. We can encounter many such and similar situations, and this makes the trip a real and unforgettable adventure, not just checking tourist attractions one after another. It is also connected with the fact that it can not be scrupulously planned with the division into kilometers and hours.

Of course, we have a travel plan and therefore we provide a simplified course of our trip below. However, please treat it visually to leave space for spontaneity.

DAY 1 – Arrival to Bogota

The first day is a rest. A many-hour trip can really make people tired, so it’s necessary to regenerate properly. On this day we will pick you up from the airport, help us exchange money for Colombian pesos, stay in a hotel and have a tasty dinner. We also suggest you sleep well!

DAY 2 – Bogota – Villavicencio

Contrary to appearances, on the first day we will not be sightseeing Bogota. We will come back to her after the expedition and then there will be time for that. Today, after breakfast, we will pick up our motorcycles, on which we will set off on the first route. The section is not long, because it will be about 150 km. Do you think that’s not enough? You will quickly see that in Colombia the distance is not determined by kilometers, but by hours of driving. This is due to the multitude of serpents, downhills, uphills and variability of the road surface. In this episode we will experience very large changes in altitude above sea level – almost three kilometers! Bogota itself is located approx. 2600 m above sea level, from where we will reach 3400 m, then go down to the level of about 600 m above sea level. With such significant changes in height, we will also experience appropriate temperature changes. It will soon become clear if we have everything necessary. If something is missing, there is a chance to complete the inventory in Villavicencio. On the way, we will eat at a friendly Cuban restaurant, and we will visit a beautiful waterfall. The ride will take about 5 hours.

DAY 3 –  Villavicencio – Laguna De Tota

After breakfast, we anticipate the time to buy missing inventory, and then we will move on. Fans of culinary travel will be very satisfied today – the entire Meta region, where we will be found that day, is famous for the veal roasted on fire, called “mammon” there. We will try this delicacy in one of the restaurants specializing in it, which should be sent to every culinary gourmet in the culinary space. The beginning of the road should be easy and pleasant. Meta is a plain, and its relatively low altitude above sea level results in quite high temperatures, but it should not be too burdensome for anyone. The roads will also be a little more straight. As the kilometers pass, we pass some forgotten, tiny towns to start climbing the mountain serpentine again. Along with increasing the height, we will feel a refreshing lowering of the temperature. This time we will eat in one of the country’s regional diners to continue our route along a gravel road. We reach the spectacular mountain lake, where we plan to spend the night. Depending on the amount of time spent on morning shopping, we should drive about 250 km.

DAY 4 & 5 – Laguna De Tota – San Gil

Another day, the next episode. We will start the road after a rich breakfast. We will go around the lake on tarmac road, and then we head northwest. We will enjoy mountain views that will differ in their beauty from those of previous days. In addition, the beauty of this route is added by the fact that many episodes will run on gravel. It will not be a technically demanding trip, but to achieve our goal safely and with a smile on our lips, we will divide it into two days. The goal will is to reach the town of San Gil. We spend the night in one of the roadside hotels with a local standard. There is nothing to fear – it will definitely be clean and safe and the breakfast will be tasty. The last stretch before San Gil will lead through the spectacular Chicamocha National Park. In total, during these two days we will travel about 500 km.

DAY 6 – San Gil

Behind us will be the first week of Colombian adventure and many kilometers on the wheels of our motorcycles. Both us and our machines will need rest and regeneration. That is why we will leave motorcycles in the friendly service for the review. We will go to a hotel with a swimming pool, which will be our base. You can not get bored in the town of San Gil. It is famous for having the best infrastructure for extreme sports in Colombia. Some of them will certainly be tried out. Those of us who will have a need to rest and have contact with European civilization thanks to the hotel’s WiFi will be able to do this while sipping drinks above the pool. But some of you, the imperishable and always ready for new impressions, may find their paradise on earth!

DAY 7 – San Gil – Puerto Berrio

After such rest you will probably miss the saddle. During the first part of the day, we will go south-west to follow the Cordillera de los Cobardes nature park. After about three hours, we turn west, crossing subsequent corners and passing other cities. We will slowly leave the eastern Cordillera of the Andes and find ourselves in the Rio Magdalena Valley, where hot weather is to be expected. After checking in at the hotel, we will go out for a dinner together, after which we will return for the night, as we will start the next day earlier. On this day, we will travel about 300 km, which should take about 6 – 7 hours.

DAY 8 – Puerto Berrio – Guatapé – Medellin

To avoid the heat we set off on a further journey earlier than usual. For the first breakfast we will be satisfied with a small snack, and after about 2 hours we will stop for a full meal and coffee. We will be higher, so the temperature will not bother us anymore. Next, we take the direction of Guatapé with its El Peñón – one of the most famous and most beautiful places in Colombia. A gigantic rock monolith, whose peak is at an altitude of 2135 m above sea level, and can be obtained by climbing almost 700 concrete steps. You will not forget to view the mountains from the very end. Wavy islets surrounded by picturesque bays and lakes, covered with lush vegetation. El Peñón is on all postcards from the region, but even the most retouched photo will not reflect how it really looks. We checked! We will have about 200 km to cover, but visiting El Peñón will make today’s episode take us all day.

DAY 9 – Medellin

Overcoming the road between San Gil and Medellin requires many hours in the saddle, so let us rest. We will devote the next day to getting to know Medellin – infamous by Pablo Escobar, the second largest city in Colombia. Even in 2003, Interpol indicated this place as the most dangerous city in the world, but today it is the cultural capital of the country. Current statistics say it is much safer than many US cities. We will see there the plump works of the famous sculptor Fernando Botero, we will go by cable car over the favelas, optionally it is possible to organize a horseback trip. It will be what to do!

DAY 10 –  Medellin – Andes

It will be a short stretch – about 120 kilometers – and it should take us about 3-4 hours to drive it. After getting out of the busy Medellin driving at a calm pace, after mountain serpentine we will head south to the famous Andes town, famous for its numerous coffee plantations. In the early afternoon we will check in at the hotel and then go to one of the coffee plantations. We will get acquainted with the whole production process, through which we can start the day with black coffee. After dinner, relax to regain strength before the next day.

DAY 11 – Andes – Salento – Ibague

The picturesque route will lead us along the border of the Los Nevados national park located in the central Cordillera of the Colombian Andes. In Spanish: Parque Nacional Natural Los Nevados is famous for the Nevado del Ruiz located there, whose peak reaches 5300 m above sea level. In addition to the volcano, it is known for the wealth of the highest palms in the world – wax palms – capable of reaching up to 70 m in height! To move the imagination, it’s more or less what a 23-storied building has. In the evening we will get to the area around the city of Ibague where we will find accommodation. We will travel about 310 km.

DAY 12 – Ibague – Bogota

That day we will head towards Bogota. With Ibague, we will have to go through beautiful, full of turns and unique views of Antioquia. Today, this road will be the main attraction, and the stops for photos effectively move us the time to reach the place. We have planned a 250 km section today.

DAY 13 – Bogota

After almost two weeks of motorcycle riding, we will have a day off. After breakfast, we will set out to explore the most interesting places in the capital of Colombia, and there are a lot of these. Certainly, the famous Monserrate is one of them, from which the peak (3152 m.n.p.m.) offers a spectacular view of the city. Fortunately, we will not have to climb it, but we will use a comfortable cable car. Probably only then will you realize how overwhelmingly this city is – Bogota now has over 11 million inhabitants. We will visit the old city, have dinner, and then we will direct our steps to probably the most famous and the richest gold museum in the world – Museo del Oro, which has over 30,000 exhibits from the goldsmith’s art of pre-Columbian cultures. At this time the time will come to sum up the trip, because this is the last day of the trip.

DAY 14 – Departure home

Depending on the availability of tickets, the airport transfer will take place on the previous day after visiting Bogota or today.

What's Included

  • Plane tickets from Berlin. London
  • Madrid or similar airport
  • Transfers from and to the airport in Colombia
  • Accommodation with breakfast
  • Lunch along the way
  • Yamaha motorbike rental
  • Care of a english / spanish speaking guide
  • Resident who will show the most beautiful corners of this exotic country
  • Travel insurance