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  • Spain
  • Off-Road
Intermediate level
6 days / 1000 Km
Starting Price: 1.050,00€

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No beach and no tourist bunkers, but magnificent canyons, the width of the Mancha and the mountain world of the Sierras apparently cut off from the outside world awaits you at our tour through a part of Spain, in which the time seems stopped. The novel heroes Don Quixote and Sancho Panza send their regards. However, we stay only briefly in the Mancha with its windmills and move south into the rugged mountains of Sierra de Cuenca and Sierra de Albarracín. With an average of just 20 inhabitants per square kilometre, the province of Cuenca is one of the loneliest areas of the Iberian Peninsula. Passes and old, semi-ruined management ways we reach original villages which seem to remain in the past, unconnected to modern tarred roads. As for all Enduro trips, we go again to Roadbook. Typical Inns and hotels are our food and overnight stations. Look forward to the tasty and diverse Castillian cuisine and Spanish flair. So that you can master the long journey expeditiously and comfortably, we transport your motorcycle from Germany to Madrid if requested to the airport and back again. You are in Spain by plane in less than two hours.

  • Complete Enduro protective clothing.
  • We recommend Enduro boots, pants and jackets with elbow or chest armor, knee protectors made of hard plastic.
  • Enduro helmet, shatter-proof glasses.



Individual arrival in the base hotel, if required pick-up at the airport in Madrid. Road triop to the hotel. Reception and common dinner.

DAY 2 – Priego – Villar de Olalla

From the edge of the mountain’s it goes in the direction of west down into the Mancha, then we will reach Cuenca in a wide curve on country lanes well to be driven on.

DAY 3 – Villar de Olalla – Frias de Albarracin

We enter the mountains up to 1,700 metres above sea level. Stone forests, gigantic views and plenty of solitude await us.

DAY 4 – Frias de Albarracin – Landete

Stones, stones and again stones. Deserted high plateaus, abandoned villages, and canyons with red rocks await us.

DAY 5 – Landete – Montalbo

The royal stage – we drive through rivers and across rocky passes. A tidbit for the eye, but some sections are as well very exhaustive.

DAY 6 Montalbo – Priego

Once again we enjoy the wide of the Mancha. Liquidly to be driven country lanes alternate with forest passages. And at the end of the trip lies some rubble.


After breakfast journey to Madrid airport. Delivery of the motorbikes. Journey home

What's Included

  • Our service vehicle
  • equipped with compressor
  • tools
  • spare parts and lubricants
  • accompanies the tour and transports luggage from hotel to hotel.
  • 6-night hotel stay in double rooms
  • Half board
  • Table drinks
  • Roadbooks
  • Tour guide
  • Luggage transport
  • Technical support
  • service vehicle
  • travel security note.
  • IF REQUESTED Motorcycle transport
  • single room
  • roadbook holder
  • Yamaha WR 250 R