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6 days / 1300 Km
Starting Price: 1.050,00€

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Grandiose canyons, the so-called Ramblas, plateaus, which actually remind more of North Africa than on the old continent, await you on our tour through a part of Spain, where pleasant temperatures prevail when it is still or already snowing here in Germany … However, we will only briefly stay close to the Mediterranean coast and then enter the mountains through the drained valleys of Andalusia. Endless landscapes, bizarre rock formations and some challenging non-asphalted farm track ensure that there is no time for boredom on our journey. A section on a disused railway line (including sleepers and tunnels!) is missing as little as well as one or the other river passage. Some of the parts were already on the program with the “Dakar” and the “Transpaña” and was interwoven to a completely conclusive enduro tour. We are very happy to offer these driving pleasures. As with all of our events, we are going here for the special kind of route recommendation, the roadbook. Country-specific guesthouses and hotels are our dining and overnight stops. Enjoy the delicious and varied Andalusian cuisine and Spanish flair. In order to avoid the extremely long and cost-intensive journey by road, we can transport your motorbike from Stuttgart to the destination area and back again. By plane you are in just two hours in Spain.

  • Complete Enduro protective clothing. 
  • We recommend Enduro boots, pants and jackets with elbow or chest armor, knee protectors made of hard plastic.
  • Enduro helmet, shatter-proof glasses.



Individual arrival in the base hotel, if required pick-up at the airport in Almeria. Reception and dinner together.

DAY 2 – San José – Velez Rubio

From the coast we head north. At the beginning we cross Europe’s vegetable cultivation area number one. First intensive acquaintance with the Ramblas.

DAY 3 – Velez Rubio round trip

A circuit with Ramblas of any color. Olive groves and desert-like landscapes await us between Cullar and Baza.


Velez Rubio – Guadix

Passing the Sierra Maria, we’re heading to the highlands. An old sheep herders way leads us to Beaumaurel. Then there would be this disused railway line…

DAY 5 – Guadix – round trip 1

We will not meet all the holidaymakers today, although we are planning to have lunch at a railway station. But this station has already seen better times. Country trails, uphill and downhill runs and grandiose canyons determine our route.

DAY 6 – Guadix – round trip 2

Has the night been restful enough? Ramblas, river passages, stony passes. A treat for the eye. Hopefully the condition for the entire course of our crowning stage is enough!

DAY 7 – Guadix – San José

Another change. We begin gently following a seemingly endless path through the Sierra de los Filabres. Assault on the summit at Calar Alto at 2150 m and then only a few height meters down to the sea. If only there were not these Ramblas …


Last breakfast together. Transfer to Almeria airport if necessary. Individual journey home.

What's Included

  • 7-night hotel stay in double rooms
  • Half board
  • Table drinks
  • Roadbooks
  • Tour guide
  • Luggage transport
  • Technical support
  • Service vehicle
  • Travel security note
  • IF REQUESTED Motorcycle transport
  • single room
  • roadbook holder.
  • Yamaha WR 250 R