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  • Off-Road
Basic level
1 days / 200 Km
Starting Price: 300,00€

general information

The day starts with a complimentary breakfast in our home base at Agriturismo La Razza, with deliciuos food directly from the local farms, and we meet and know each other. The morning goes on with some training n our training area, as a warm u and to evaluate everyone off road riding skills, and with some indications to improve everyone riding techiniques. Then we are ready to go and explore the Terre di Canossa and the Appennino Tosco Emiliano. It’s a leisure ride, at touring pace to enjoy the road, and the off road, the panorama and we stop here and there to admire the beauties of the Terre di Canossa, a beautiful area rich in history and nature, to better understand the land we are crossing, with geological and naturlistic, gastronomical infos, Diferent instructors in the riding team allow everyone to ride at his own pace, according to each one skills, without forcing a faster pace or long waits on the tracks. The route itself is adapted on each participant capabilities, with the possibility to split the group according to different off road skills if needed. Lunch break is the opportunity to discuss each one riding capabilities and improvement tips, learn more on the area we are crossing, and the usual biker chat. The trip goes on with on and off road sections, through old villages, countrysides, forests and mountains, till we get back to the Di Traverso base camp. And then it’s time for the certificate of attendance and the aperitif!

We expect riders with full off road riding gear:

Helmet, enduro or road full face, no jets/open face helmets

Jacket with back, elbow and shoulder protection
Knee guards
Boots, off road or adventoruing or tourism ones, no low boots or normal shoes

We cannot acceot riders without the right equipment, in case you have a doubt contact us and we sort the issue.

Di Traverso motto is \”Respect Your Soul\”! This means never push yourself beyond your limits, always inform the guide and the instructors if you are tired or need a break or you are facing difficulties on the way, we would adapt the pace to your needs!

Please have a civilised riding style, as we cross villages, private grounds and a national park, we should not destroy the tracks we are using, and we always care about the environment we are crossing.


The ride strats from our base camp outside Reggio Emilia. Then we start climbing the Apenninis, first through the Terre di Canossa, rich in old stone villages and castles dating back to the middle age. We will show you landmarks and historical place, explaining history, legends and funny stories on the areas we are crossing.
Going through old unpaved roads, forest\’s tracks and crossing some streams, including the famous Tassobbio river, the only stream in the world flowing upstream in a little section.

Then as we go higher and higher hills will become mountains, woods become beech forests, and we should probably see wild animals, according to the silencers of the group, if too loud we might see only footprints.

What's Included

  • Basic Adventouring training course
  • Welcome breakfast
  • Briefing with a training session with theory and practice on our training area
  • Briefing with a training session with theory and practice on our training area
  • FMI certified Off Road Instructors
  • Aperitif at the very end of the day
  • Di Traverso Gadgets
  • Certificate of Attendance