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Intermediate level
7 days / 1600 Km
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The holy land is known as such for a reason. It is the birthplace of Judaism, the place where the Bible was written, where Jesus was born, buried and resurrected and where Christianity was born. Jerusalem, the Baptism site, the sacred churches in Nazareth and much more. But Israel is much more than that: the Mediterranean sea, the Sea of Galilee, the Dead Sea and the Red Sea, high mountains in the Galilee, volcanic plateau in the Golan, warm desert in the Negev, lively cities combined with excellent food and state of the art technology centers.For a motorcycle rider, its nothing less than amazing with many curved roads, off road trails and desert oasis, ancient cities along antique roads and tons of experiences that can only be found in a place where the physical and spiritual meet. 

We rent you a brand new T7 bike, you bring your own riding gear and clothing. In summer we recommend light cloths, in winter we recommend standard riding gear.  

Our tours combine 75% road and 25% off road. We tailor the tour to our riders level. Every off road trail has a paved alternative. 


Day 0 – Arrival and hotel check in. Bike pick up in the afternoon in TLV. Welcome dinner in TLV.

DAY 1 Along the Mediterranean coast 250km

We start with an easy ride along the Mediterranean and tour Caesarea the Roman capital. Climb Mt. Carmel along its curved roads and tour Necropolis the city of the Dead in Bet Shearim. We ride to Nazareth and visit the church of the Annunciation and continue to the Sea of Galilee to tour Magdala. 

We have an excellent dinner and spend the night at the Sea of Galilee. 

DAY 2 Sea of Galilee and the Golan Heights 250km

We start the day touring Capernaum , the town of Jesus and visit the church of the Beatitudes; we then take an off-road ride along the Jordan river and the Hula valley and climb up to the Golan heights to around 2,000meters above sea level. We tour the northern part of the Golan with great off-road trails and lookouts from top of volcanoes. We end the afternoon at a great wine taste.

We have a hunters\\\’ meal and spend the night in the Golan.

DAY 3 Along the Jordan valley 280km

We tour the southern part of the Golan, visit several natural pools along the way, and head south to the Jordan valley. We tour the beautiful Jordan Star Crusaders fortress and head south along the Jordan river to Jesus Baptism site and some cool off-road rides along the Jordan boarder. We then climb to Jerusalem mountains and stop for ancient monasteries along the way. 

We have dinner in JLM and spend the night in Jerusalem old city.

DAY 4 Jerusalem 120km

We spend half day touring the old city of Jerusalem by foot. We visit the Temple Mount, the city of David, the Western wall, Mt. Zion, Via Dolorosa and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. We mount on the bikes and tour Mt. Zion and Mt. Olives and In the afternoon we take a sunset ride to the Dead Sea – an experience you will never forget. Parts of that ride are off road, where we visit ancient castles and monasteries built in the 1-4 centuries. 

We have dinner and spend the night in a desert oasis overlooking the Dead Sea.

DAY 5 Dead Sea and Judea desert 220km

We start the day touring the Ein Gedi oasis and continue for a swim at the Dead Sea – the lowest place on earth. We then enter the Judea desert for an amazing off-road trail along the Sodom River and Mt. Sodom. We then climb from the lowest point on earth towards the Negev plateau, stop for a lookout at Mt. Avnon and tour the Nabatean town of Memphis. 

We have an excellent dinner and spend the night in the desert.

DAY 6 Negev desert 300km

This day is dedicated mostly to off road desert trails, but that depends a lot on the group riding skills. We ride to Ein Uvdat oasis, and Ein Akev oasis, and continue south to the Ramon Crater, one of the worlds\\\’ most unique geological wonders. We tour the crater’s sites and ride through Mt. Negev to the Egyptian boarder, where we start heading north along road 10, one of the most amazing roads in the desert, right along the border. This day is all about the amazing Negev desert, its habitants throughout history and its amazing sites and colors. Tons of photo-ops all along the day :-) 

We have an authentic desert dinner and spend the night in Be’erotaim oasis. 

DAY 7 Judea plains 250km

We start heading north via the desert and the Judea plains, and visit several interesting sites along the way: the ancient town of Nitzana and its natural \”amusement park\”, the Black Arrow lookout to Gaza, the ancient Roman town of Bet Guvrin and its famous bell caves, a UNESCO Heritage site, Tel Gezer with its famous and back to TLV, where we return the bikes and say Goodbye!

What's Included

  • new Tenere 700
  • 7 full riding days with a professional tour guide-rider
  • 6 nights at selected hotels (double occupancy)
  • breakfasts
  • lunches on-the-go
  • excellent dinners
  • insurance
  • gasoline
  • national parks entry fees
  • luggage service