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Intermediate level
8 days / 1250 Km
Starting Price: 1.350,00€

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24th September – 02 October 2022Sardinia Off RoadWe will leave to discover the most hidden part of Sardinia and along the way we’ll improvetogether the off-road driving technique, enjoying the full potential of the modern bikes of thiscategory.It will be a genuine tour, we will grind out kilometres for a week, starting in autumn as it is theperfect season to travel with motorbike in Sardinia, and we will discover the most beautiful andhidden spots of the island. The formula is the same as that of the road raid, well-tested andsuccessful: all you have to think about is having fun, sharing your experience with old and newfriends; we will take care of ensuring that you feel comfortable on and off the bike, and that you arecomfortable when it is time to rest, recharge your batteries and enjoy a nice dinner in a goodcompany. But don’t worry, the routes will be for everyone and our instructors will be there to giveyou guidance and riding tips throughout the week, allowing you to improve your technique whilehaving fun.


Technical clothing for off-road tourism

Rain jacket



Saturday 24th September

Meeting Point 6 p.m. at Livorno Stazione Marittima.

INMOTO/Tom42 staff with personalised van.

Boarding at 21

Sunday 25 th of September

Capo Coda Cavallo circuit KM 150/170

Debarkation at about 7 a.m. in Golfo Aranci.

Transfer to Residence Capo Coda Cavallo 45 KM

Check-in to the rooms and leave the luggages.

Departure on asphalted road for Alà dei Sardi KM 55 approx.

Guiding course to the wind turbines.

Packed lunch on the plateau of Ala\’ dei Sardi.

Partial route of the WRC on unpaved road of about 12 km from Coiluna (Ala\’ dei Sardi) to Nuraghe

Loelle (Buddusò) and then on towards Mamone, Lodè, Torpè and back to Coda Capo Cavallo.

Dinner and overnight stay

Monday 26 th of September

Capo Coda Cavallo Pattada KM 150/180

Coda Cavallo towards Olbia, (Meeting Hercules) climbing up Monte Plebi and Monte Pino in an

unpaved road (land of a special night of the WRC) up to Priatu with its beautiful granites road ( the

granites destined to the Costa Smeralda) towards Calangianus. From Calangianus we will take a 12

km bridle track (old railway now unpaved) towards Berchidda (City of Vermentino and the Rally of

Vermentino), then we’ll head towards the inside of Mount Limbara on an unpaved road to


Packed lunch

The second part is more asphalted than unpaved, descending towards Lake Coghinas and Oschiri

(city of the Panadas) along narrow roads and asphalted hills and countryside of Oschiri, bearing in

mind that Oschiri is the area where De Andrè and Dori Ghezzi were held prisoner, therefore a

hostile and impervious countryside, until we reach Bantine and then Pattada.

Dinner and overnight stay

Tuesday 27 th September

Pattada Arborea KM 200/250

Pattada towards Sa Fraigada, Fiorentini military base, Su Pranu, Sa Matta, old horse trail to Bono,

Burgos, Burgos Forest, Frida , Mulargia (junction 131) Macomer to S. Leonardo.

Lunch at a restaurant

After lunch we will head towards Badde Urbara ( Monti Ferru ) Oristano, Arborea.

Dinner and Overnight

Wednesday 28 th September

Arborea Piscinas and return KM 140/150

Route towards Marceddì, a small fishing village on the homonymous pond, known for its clam


We will then pass over the bridge built by the Air Force to access the large radar station built on the

coast and then head inland along a series of paths and lanes to reach the forestry lookout, which

monitors the Mediterranean shrubland extending from Zeppara to the sea of the Costa Verde.

We0ll then head in the direction of the provincial road for Guspini, then the crossroads for

Montevecchio, which is home to old abandoned mining structures.

Packed lunch

In the afternoon we will head towards Ingurtosu, another mining complex which grew up thanks to

the Ente Miniere Sardo, and is now abandoned,

From Ingurtosu the road will take us to Piscinas, where we can admire the natural dunes, which are

among the highest in the Mediterranean.

Then back to Arborea through the coastal road towards Hotel Le Torri.

Thursday 29 th September

Arborea Monte Arci. KM 70/80

Guided underwood track and afterwards we’ll go along the track of the former wind farm. Open air

route with a panoramic view of the Gulf of Oristano.

We will then walk through the fairy woods

Packed lunch

Re-entry to Hotel Le Torri

Friday 30 th September

Arborea – Arbatax coast to coast KM300 Stage Marathon

Departure from Arborea towards S. Anna and Simaxis.

We’ll ride along a ring that passes through Fordongianus, a town with ancient Roman baths, and

then continue on to Allai, a beautiful town with a tree house, and then on to Samugheo. We are now

getting closer to Mandrolisai. After Samugheo S. Mauro we will proceed to Sorgono and Tonara

town of Torrone, from here we will enter a dirt path for 15 kilometres and we will exit at S.

Sebastiano. Direction Belvi.

Lunch at Aritzo Restaurant S\’iscriscione

We\’ll then leave for Seulo\’s Barbagia and continue to Seui. From the centre of the town there is a

road of over 20km which leads to the Fauci di Perda Liana, one of the most beautiful mountains in

Sardinia, and we’ll exit at Arzana. From here we’ll take a dirt and cemented road in some parts to

Monte Idolo where at the top there is a statue of an angel dominating the whole valley and then we

will descend on a dirt road to the exit of the S. Barbara forest gate. Direction to Villagrande and

downhill towards Tortolì reaching Arbatax.

Dinner and Overnight

Saturday 1 s t of October

Arbatax Golfo Aranci Km 250

Route northwards. Boarding at Golfo Aranci in the evening.

Off road in the morning

Tarred road in the afternoon.

Departure from Arbatax towards Baunei.

After a few kilometres we’ll enter Monte Orguda and take a dirt road of medium difficulty which

leads to the plateau of Urzulei. From here we’ll face the Sardinian eastern road and follow it for

most of its route to Golfo Aranci.

Lunch in Cala Gonone at the Nuovo Gabbiano restaurant.

Sunday 2 nd of October

Disembarkation in Livorno

What's Included

  • – Ferry in a Double Cabin – Hotel accommodation with half board – Lunches on the road – Insurance – Technical assistance